Lindsey Berns    proudly presents a nostalgic collection with modern charm, celebrating the art of the handmade. This season, Lindsey created a limited edition, one-of-a-kind collection of Vintage Quilt Jackets for children and adults. These works of art originate from Lindsey's personal archive of antique American quilts dating from the early 1900's and pay homage to the bohemian clothing of her childhood. Quilts are deconstructed, hand-cut, carefully mended and patched back together into a finished jacket complete with a sharp popped collar, coordinated bias piping, bucket pockets, finished fabric bound seams, and leather, suede, and vintage fabric-covered buttons. Each quilt is unique, therefore each jacket is unique -- steeped in slow fashion, sustainability, and small batch production. As a way to honor the craft of quilt making and contribute to the preservation of heirloom products, Lindsey will hand-embroider a customers initials into each quilt jacket for an extra special personal touch. 

Easy shapes, beautiful fabrics, artful touches, and a refined sense of style define the Lindsey Berns brand. Since she was a little girl, Lindsey has honed her skills in art and design, as well as intricate embroidery and applique techniques that were first introduced to her by her grandmother, a former fashion illustrator and designer. Lindsey received her undergraduate degree in Art History from Northwestern University and an MBA from The NYU Stern School of Business. Her formal education was supplemented as a fashion assistant at New York Magazine, in Arles, France studying French Impressionism, and at internships at Sotheby's and Ralph Lauren.


In 2000 Lindsey launched her first collection consisting of womenswear and handbags. These designs were sold to Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel and Fred Segal, and featured in Women’s Wear Daily, Teen Vogue, Lucky and People Magazine. Her collection also drew the attention of Patricia Field, renown Sex & The City stylist, who honored Lindsey with the Marshall Field Distinction in Design Award.


​​In 2011 Lindsey discovered her newest and most immediate source of inspiration: her young niece and nephew. She started to design clothes specifically for them, drawing inspiration from the clothing of her childhood -- artisan patch work jackets handmade from vintage quilts, well worn blue jean jumpers, vintage denim overalls, delicately embroidered linen pinafores, and French everything.


​Lindsey views her creations as individual pieces of art, informed by her own sensibilities and imagination. Her ultimate vision is to create a look that is neither in nor out of style--just classic and timeless. “It is my greatest hope that my designs will be enjoyed today and then carefully put away, to be passed down to the next generation."